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The whole team of Renewable Energy lawyers at Simmons & Simmons have found Thomas Kercher and his team at PFALZSOLAR to be excellent to work with. They are efficient, pragmatic and organised in delivering projects and deals. Even in the “white heat” of a project or transaction - with critical deadlines looming - they always retain a good sense of humour. They have a sustainable business model with high quality German engineering and project management at its heart but display a strong sense of fair play and openness which helps get deals done with minimal fuss and bother, with intact relationships. They have genuinely engaged in the fledgling UK community renewable energy market place and bring some of the best of German delivery capability to the UK community energy market. Simmons & Simmons Steven McNab Partner, Environment & Climate Change
Within a very short time, PFALZSOLAR and the GREENCELLS GROUP can look back to a successful cooperation in partnership. Within a period of only six months, we’re realised large scale PV projects in Great Britain with a total capacity of 24 megawatt. One of these projects, namely “New Mains of Guynd”, with a capacity of 5.0 megawatt has been even completed within only three weeks. That speaks for a highly efficient cooperation and we’re sure to have found a reliable and innovative partner with PFALZSOLAR. GREENCELLS GROUP Andreas Hoffmann CEO
Leapfrog Finance enjoyed a very successful collaboration with PFALZSOLAR on a UK-based utility-scale solar facility. PFALZSOLAR’s commitment to quality and reliability underpinned a pragmatic, yet often creative, approach. An ideal partner in business, we look forward to working with them again. Leapfrog Finance Richard O’Rourke Managing Director
We have worked with PFALZSOLAR on two MW-scale community solar projects in the UK. PFALZSOLAR have worked with us on a pragmatic and pro-active basis to find the best contract and design solution for each site. The construction team have been very efficient, delivering high quality projects in compressed timeframes. Communities for Renewables CIC Jake Burnyeat Director
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