Reihe Solarpanels in einem Solarpark


Ludwigshafen, 09/04/2014
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Just in time for the sunny season the “Neue Energie Verbandsgemeinde Lingenfeld GmbH” starts the operation of the solarpark Westheim.
With the official signing of a sales contract the Pfalzsolar GmbH has sold the solar park „Westheim“ to the „Neue Energie Verbandsgemeinde Lingenfeld GmbH”. The PFALZWERKE AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT holds 51 percent of the company’s shares; the “AÖR Energieprojekte Lingenfeld” owns 49 percent of the company.
The recently founded enterprise aims to promote regional renewable energy projects. By buying the solar park “Westheim”, the new company will meet its objective. Furthermore, citizens can participate in the project by investing in an existing cooperative. So everyone has a chance to do something for climate protection.
The solar power plant has a nominal power of 2.95 Megawatts and produces annually three million kilowatt hours of electricity. This is enough energy to provide more than 800 households with climate friendly solar power. Or, to say it in a different way: with this amount of energy, 1,000 electric cars can drive for 20,000 kilometers.
As part of the acquisition, the “Neue Energie Verbandsgemeinde Lingenfeld GmbH” and the Pfalzsolar Betriebsführungsgesellschaft mbH (a subsidiary of the Pfalzsolar GmbH) have also signed a long-term contract about the operation and maintenance of the solar park.

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