Grünfläche neben Acker


Ludwigshafen, 10/06/2014
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Until the end of June, Pfalzsolar, a company of the Pfalzwerke Aktiengesellschaft, will take two solar power plants into operation in accordance with the German renewable energy law. The new power plants in Haßloch and Matzerath are supposed to produce more than 5.5 million kilowatt-hours per year with an installed capacity of 5.7 Megawatt. So far, both of them belong to the largest installations in Rhineland Palatinate in 2014.

Today, Pfalzsolar starts the construction of the solar park Haßloch (3.3 MW). The system is going to be installed on a closed waste disposal site. After a planning period of eight months, the company now aims to complete the construction at record speed in only two weeks. “As feed-in tariffs are continuously decreasing, it’s getting more and more difficult to realize large scale projects in Germany”, says Thomas Kercher, CEO of Pfalzsolar. “Therefor, our ten years of experience in realizing major projects really are beneficial. We succeeded to optimize our projects to an extent that they achieve good yields despite these challenging conditions – and without any loss of quality.”
Especially now, experience and know-how are extremely important for the 20-strong Pfalzsolar team: at the same time the solar park Matzerath (near Bitburg) is under construction (2.4 MW). This project is also supposed to be completed at the end of June. The implementation is done in cooperation with Bürgerservice Trier (BÜS). Since 2010, Pfalzsolar and BÜS have realized six projects with an overall capacity of more than 20 Megawatt together. For this reason, Thomas Kercher is confident about the ongoing cooperation: “I have no doubt that we’ll finish this project on schedule. In the past, we always worked together very successfully.”

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