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Ludwigshafen, 27/07/2020
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With the construction of a floating photovoltaic plant with a total capacity of 1.48 MWp, PFALZSOLAR realizes its first PV floating project in Germany.

The floating project will start in August 2020 on a gravel plant in Nobitz. As a first step, PFALZSOLAR is implementing a section with an output of 740 kWp, the second section will already be implemented next year, so that the plant will then produce a total of 1,480 kWp of floating environmentally friendly solar energy. The client HEIM, owner and operator of the gravel plant, will use the C02 neutral solar power for its own supply of electricity for its ongoing operating activities.

“We are very happy that we are able to realize the floating PV plant with a reliable partner like PFALZSOLAR. We have already been implementing PV projects in collaboration with PFALZSOLAR for 8 years, so it was clear to us that we would also like to work together on this exciting project,” says Philipp Heim, Managing Director of the HEIM Group.

The floating sub-construction is anchored in the subsoil of the water, inverters and floating power lines must be connected to the land. Therefore, during the realisation of the first construction phase, the substructure is installed for both construction phases directly due to static reasons.

With the help of a special substructure, the floating solar system is installed on the lake.

“Entering the floating business has the significant advantage of allowing us to develop previously unused spaces for PV projects. In addition, floating solar systems generally eliminate the problem of shading,” explains Johannes Wolffram, project developer at PFALZSOLAR.

Floating solar systems are a fairly new concept: “#WeLoveSolar, for PFALZSOLAR this means living our passion for solar energy – for a greener future. The realization of floating solar power plants is a another milestone for our company. We see great potential for the future in this field and will continue to expand the implementation of floating projects in the future,” emphasizes Lars Josten, CEO at PFALZSOLAR.

Since 2003 PFALZSOLAR has been developing, building and operating photovoltaic systems of all sizes for local authorities, trade, industry, institutional investors and private customers. As part of the Pfalzwerke Group, the company has a reliable and strong partner behind it, which has been combining tradition, innovation and know-how in the field of electricity for over 105 years. Pfalzwerke is the leading electricity provider in the Palatinate and Saarpfalz district – a company that actively shapes the future of the region with its services and commitment. PFALZSOLAR itself is not only active regionally, but throughout Germany and beyond. In the Netherlands, Spain, Great Britain and the USA, the team of more than 60 employees is actively involved in shaping the energy turnaround and focuses on one thing above all else: quality in accordance with energy supplier standards.

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