PFALZSOLAR continues on growth path in anniversary year

Ludwigshafen, 19/07/2023
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The fiscal year 2022 has been successfully concluded, with the net profit and revenue significantly surpassing the previous year’s levels. This achievement serves as a wonderful gift to PFALZSOLAR on its 20th anniversary. Furthermore, the year 2023 promises another year of strong growth, with new record-breaking figures.

PFALZSOLAR once again demonstrates its expertise in the solar industry by achieving new milestones. The fiscal year 2022 has been successfully completed, and the full order books guarantee further robust growth for the current fiscal year 2023:

  • Revenue increased by over 70% compared to the previous year, reaching approximately € 63 million.
  • The net profit reached a new record of € 2.1 million.
  • Approximately 1,000 residential customer installations were commissioned, and the largest EPC project in PFALZSOLAR’s history, with a capacity of 60 MWp, was successfully implemented. In total, solar installations (large-scale projects, residential, and commercial customers) exceeded 100 MWp.
  • The PV systems completed in 2022 have the capacity to generate approximately 86 million kWh of environmentally friendly electricity annually (compared to 38 million kWh in the previous year).
  • In 2023, PV parks with a capacity of over 110 MWp will be completed in the open-field sector.
  • Several milestones are already planned for 2024: the construction of one of Germany’s largest floating installations, “Cottbuser Ostsee” (29.1 MWp), the grid approval for two large-scale projects in Greece (176 MWp), and the construction of the largest installation in the company’s history, with a capacity of 122 MWp.

PFALZSOLAR, together with its parent company PFALZWERKE, is thoroughly examining how it can serve its B2C and B2B customers with even more tailored solar solutions. Given the current developments surrounding the energy transition and the growing business in PV systems for B2C and B2B customers, the inquiries and requirements are becoming increasingly comprehensive and specific.

Being a wholly-owned subsidiary of PFALZWERKE AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT within the Pfalzwerke Group is a significant opportunity to further drive the photovoltaic business with extensive capacities. The close association with the financially strong parent company provides PFALZSOLAR, particularly B2B customers, investors, and banks, with a high level of security.

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