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Ludwigshafen, 18/09/2019
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PFALZSOLAR Inc. has been developing its project development in the USA since 2016 and is celebrating its first major successes this September. One of these successes is the fully engineered “Fine Farms” project with an output of 4.8 MW, which was sold a few days ago to an US-based investor who will shortly begin construction of the solar park.
“For us, the intensive business and project development of the past two years is starting to get paid off. Together with our local partners, we were able to expand our network and expand the project pipeline in the USA to currently over 600 megawatts, from which we were also able to implement the Fine Farms project,” says Max Huber, Head of Project Development & Strategic Purchasing at PFALZSOLAR.

With the “Fine Farms” project in Attleboro, Massachusetts, PFALZSOLAR INC, together with its partner Renewable Energy International LLC, has successfully completed the project development of a solar power plant with a capacity of 4.8 MW and a size of approx. 27acres. Once the project is “connected to the network”, it will produce 6.75 million kilowatt hours of CO2-neutral solar electricity every year.

“Fine Farms is our first project in the New England region, this is a great opportunity for us to take a look into the future and observe the market in this region. This will enable us to adapt our project business more effectively to the American market in the future and steadily expand our pipeline,” said Huber. In the short term, the PFALZSOLAR team plans to sell major projects with an output of up to 200 MW, completely developed, to third parties. The positive cooperation with the first investor “SeaOak” shows that the development process of the last two years was an important step in the right direction and speaks for a successful strategy in the USA.

“From a strategic point of view, the USA are a particularly significant target market for us in the course of internationalization. In recent months, we have realized that our slogan #WeLoveSolar is something that connects us with our business partners across national borders. Therefore, we are particularly looking forward to the upcoming meetings at Solar Power International next week in Salt Lake City,” underlines Lars Josten, President PFALZSOLAR Inc..

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